Sunday, February 12, 2012

phpLD Invalid Links Checker

Like many directory owners, you may have spent years adding links to your directory, but over time some of those links can go bad for a multitude of reasons, reducing the quality of the links in your directory and potentially getting you banned or ranked poorly by Google. Enter the Invalid Link Checker...


The Invalid Link Checker will look for:
1. Parked domains - It is able to find the pattern of several providers such as GoDaddy and let you know which domains are parked.
2. Malware and Phishing Sites - The invalid link checker will check against two different databases (Google and Phishtank) and let you know if any of the sites in your directory have been flagged.
3. Spam Words - There is a text file that contains common spam words (which you can edit). The invalid link checker will spider those pages and see if they contain one of the spam words. In our studies sometimes we found the sites would contain a word but be okay, so make sure you look at the sites to be sure. Note that it even tells you which words it found! So this can be invaluable for finding sites that contain certain words.
4. Adult Sites - by law in some countries, sites have to provide a notice that they have adult content. If they provide this notice, the link checker will let you know. Again, it is good to look at the sites. Note that many authority domains like Google will be positive because they do show adult content.

This is a windows application that makes a remote connection to your database, and we will support it through our support ticket system:
Once you have connected, you can run the application. You'll be able to easily view all the links that are flagged and even delete them from your directory directly from the application.

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