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In our quest for success, more creativity, goal achievement, and a multitude of other embodiments of personal growth there are special components of the mind that can be utilized to accelerate our
growth exponentially. When we talk about the mind, it's important to realize that our total mind is actually made up of three separate components that when used properly together, can virtually guarantee success in almost any endeavor.
The conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds are the powerful parts that make up the total mind and the best part is that we all possess these wonderful tools of the mind! Each of these aspects of the mind are vital pieces that were designed by our Creator to help us achieve all of our dreams, goals, and desires. Now that we know what they are lets define each aspect of the mind a little. Then we can discuss how these powerful components of the total mind can be utilized together in the way they were always intended to be.
Conscious Mind: The Programmer
The first mind component we will talk about is probably the one we are all most familiar with. The conscious mind is what many call the reasoning mind or decision making mind. When many of us are talking about the mind, the conscious mind is what we are actually referring to.
It is through the conscious mind that we make all our decisions from and form all of our beliefs from. We use the conscious mind to reason through the data presented to us and then assign priorities and tasks based on our current belief systems.
Along with those aspects of the conscious mind just discussed, another very important function of the conscious mind is to set goals that can basically be programmed into the subconscious mind. This programming aspect of the conscious mind is a very powerful tool for the achievement of goals because it sets in motion the incredible computing and problem solving functions of the subconscious mind.
Subconscious Mind: The Biological Machine
As the title of this section suggest the subconscious mind can be thought of as a biological computing machine with immense powers for problem solving. The subconscious mind is truly the workhorse for our entire mind.
The subconscious mind is the portion of the mind that controls all of our automatic bodily functions such as controlling vital organs associated with blood flow, digestion, etc. The subconscious mind is also the mind component that controls the release of vital hormones that can stimulate such things as the "fight or flight" response when we feel threatened by external forces.
The subconscious mind is also the seat for all of our stored memories. Just like a computer the subconscious mind can utilize the vast amount of stored memories to help solve problems and come up with creative solutions. Therefore, it is important for us to try and gain as much knowledge about as many subjects as possible because the subconscious mind may be able to use external data and the stored information we have in our memories to formulate new solutions to problems, and plans towards any goals we may have.
In regards to the successful achievement of our goals it is very important that we try to form new positive habits. In essence, the subconscious mind has the ability to take regular thought patterns and actions and turn them into positive habits that can really accelerate our personal growth and ability to achieve our dreams and desires. Another great reason for developing positive habits is that we can also induce our superconscious mind to come into play and that's when some really "miraculous" things can start to occur in our lives.
Superconscious Mind: The Universal Mind
When we utilize the superconscious mind, we are going beyond our physical bodies and into the spiritual realms. The superconscious mind is in fact referred by many as the human spirit, soul, or universal mind. As an actual fragment of God itself, our souls have incredible powers and connections that go way beyond our physical reality.
Because of the Universal Mind's unique connection to all other minds and Infinite Intelligence any psychic powers are possible as we engage our superconsciousness. Extrasensory Perception (ESP), Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Clairvoyance are just some of the amazing psychic abilities available to those who learn how to truly tap into the powers of the Superconscious Mind.
Along with the amazing psychic abilities available to each of us, being tapped into the Universal Mind allows us the opportunity to access the vast amount of knowledge that is part of the Superconscious Mind. Throughout history there has been many names given for this vast storehouse of knowledge and incredibly, this powerful information base is available for anyone who learns how to tap into it.
In regards to the successful achievement of our goals and desires the superconscious mind can be engaged to bring into our lives certain opportunities and synchronicities that can help accelerate the accomplishment of our life goals and dreams. In conjunction with our subconscious minds and the positive habits it helps create our superconscious minds can work in the spiritual realms to help bring our hopes and dreams into reality.
Using the powerful components of the total mind to virtually achieve anything we set our minds to
By now I'm hoping you are beginning to realize the incredible tools of the mind you possess and even more amazing, is the fact that each and every one of us has these same powerful mind tools at our disposal. To help ingrain the functions of each mind component lets go through a quick set of steps we might use to achieve a specific goal.
First, because of how vital it is to insure we are programming the right goal for ourselves we should spend some time contemplating our specific goal to make sure it is the correct one for ourselves. Once we have truly determined what we wish to accomplish we then need to "program" it into our subconscious mind through the use of meditation, visualization, affirmations, self talk, etc.
With a firm goal input to our subconscious mind we then step back and let the subconscious mind utilize our stored memories and all the data that our senses bring in to begin coming up with the best plans of action for achieving our goal. As the subconscious mind prompts us towards action steps we must then start performing the necessary actions given to us while always remembering that these action steps should come naturally to us.
Sometimes our goals are so big (and there is nothing wrong with that) that they require the help of the superconscious mind. As prompted by the subconscious mind, the superconscious mind will begin to tap into the vast storehouse of knowledge and spiritual connections it has available to itself to bring into our lives the opportunities and synchronicities that can truly bring your hopes and dreams into reality.
In closing, I would just like to recognize Michael Monroe Kiefer as the developer of "The PowerMind System" and whose work has inspired this article. I highly recommend that you check out this extensive resource on the psychology of success and I would also recommend you explore my own website called The Abundant LifePlan to help you to truly utilize all the incredible powers you possess.

How to Practice

Transcendental Meditation is a mode of meditation that is used to promote penetrating relaxation, reduces stress, improve health, upgrade the mood, and augment intelligence. It is also meant to increase the practitioner's happiness and to make his or her life more fulfilling.

What are some of the benefits?

It is said to make you more creative, improve memory, and make your thinking clearer. For the body it increases energy, alleviates stress, and is good for quitting smoking. Practitioners find they don't have that pressured feeling anymore. They are able to socialize better and communicate at home and at work more freely and effectively. The stress and pressure at work is easier to handle. Making decisions is easier and it doesn't take as long to make them.

Is This religious?

No. This isn't associated with religion. It doesn't have anything to do with any religious philosophy. A certified instructor teaches Transcendental Meditation. It is a seven-step program. It is taught by lecturing, interviewing, and application. It is a practical meditation technique.

Who Can Do This?

Everyday people learn Transcendental Meditation. If you want to learn the practice you can. It is practiced by a variety of people from various countries, backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, and by different age groups. This kind of meditation is done around the world. The practitioners obtain a deeper level of relaxation; they are more rested. This mode of meditation makes your body calmer as your mind is trained to be quiet and in a clearer mood.

Where Did It Come From?

It was created and practiced in the United States originally, though its ideas stem from Hindu meditation, which had been in practice in the U.S.A before Transcendental Meditation was developed. The basic concept of TM is that by saying a phrase considered potent--dynamic you can empty your mind, thus discovering some exalted meaning.

TM chants are like the chants in Hindu meditation; it is an integral part of their religion as they make these chants to their gods-wanting wisdom and to be guided. The recitation of these chants in Hindu meditation is very commonplace-so that is why TM is considered to be a derivative of this older form of meditation. But the difference is that Transcendental Meditation isn't a religion or religious.

When someone practices Transcendental Meditation he should be in a quiet room that is painted in a solid hue, and all distractions should be left behind. This environment is important to facilitate emptying the mind of extraneous thoughts. Controlled breathing techniques aren't used in TM. It is the use of the chanting that is meant to focus your thoughts and gear your body to be relaxed and your body function in a steady state.

The practitioner chants a word or phrase that is positive. This can have a personal meaning. The chanting takes your stress away because you are totally focused on chanting. TM is one of the more widely practiced modes of meditation in America.

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