Thursday, July 12, 2012

Make a Forum on Facebook

If you have at any time used an forum on internet, you already know how forum can be useful to everyone. You can use a forum to talk over with another on certain topics, run a poll and find out the ideas of certain groups, and ask a question to get various and useful answers.

Want to create a forum is easy, advertise it can seem like the tough part, that's for sure.

A forum can be a tool for who uses Facebook. For instance,  On Facebook, if you have created a group about the people who like dogs, you could create a forum for that group. It could be a site to talk over what is the most healthy dog food, training tips, etc. You will get ideas from the other dog owner to help you in any condition . If your dog is having unfamiliar act or if the dog is not healthy , you can explain the condition and ask if anyone has dealt with it before.

To promote the forum in Facebook, you can invite your Facebook friends to the forum. From the group you direct people to further the discussion over on your Facebook forum, that is a quick and simple tip on how to promote your Facebook forum effectively.

When you make a forum on Facebook, you are in check. You are the Admin of that forum. You can modify the forum. You have full control.
Following are the steps to create your free Facebook forum:
  • First you have to login to the Facebook account. You have no account in Facebook please create it.
  • Then, analyze the forum directory to stay away from creating a similar forum.
  • Now, go to Facebook Forums web site. It is a free forum service for Facebook.
  • Click "Create a Forum on Facebook".
  • Here you will have to make a title for the forum. You should choose a the appropriate title for which the forum is made. You will also choose a category, cencorship, and online status option.
  • Now click "Click here to build your forum". to create your forum. Keep in mind, you are the administrator and you have full control over the in the forum.
See the  forums in action here "Sony Ericsson Facebook page" and the thing is that the design is so clean and beautiful. All the common features that you would assume on a nice forum are there. This really is a wonderful way to engage your customers and offer great customer service also.

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