Tuesday, March 27, 2012

33 Wonderful Scenic Ocean Landscapes

The ocean can be an extremely calming experience to help soothe your troubles. This may be why vacation spots are so popular on the coastline and in islands around the world. But unfortunately we can’t all take beach vacations every week – but photographs can bring back a similar feeling.

The bundle I’ve put together is a fantastic collection of new ocean photographs. I find the beach to be very inspiring and leaves me with a sense of serenity in the day. Let us know your thoughts and if you have taken similar photos feel free to share in the discussion area below.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Oyster Pond

Sunset York Beach

South Coast Oregon

Terekhol beach

Winchelsea Bird Watch

Miami Beach

Kechria and Ligharies Beach

Beach Alhoceima

Hollywood In Hawaii

Putsborough Beach

La Jolla Landscape

Landscape near Rambla de Castro

Great Ocean Road

Beach & Castle Walls

Sunset on Fourni Beach

Palm Shadow

Pez Maya beach

Aphrodite’s Rock

Ocean Beach

Copacabana Beach

Beach & Pilos

Persian Gulf, Iran

Olgas Landscape

Honduras Bay Islands

Rainbow’s End

English Channel Seaside

New South Whales, Australia

Los Roques, Venezuela

Aerial View above Solomon Islands

Machias, Maine

Landscape behind Harbor Inn

Moon and the Tides

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