Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hottest Hair Colors Trends for 2012

This new year bring a lot of new and different trends, but one the most that liked change my hair color. I
I have been my each single hair color imaginable (almost, well) from black hairs to brunette, to fiery red,
bleach blonde and everything. No, this was not good on my hair, but through dying my hair is one of my vices and I just love to change my hair color.

This new season is all about having thick, shiny color, whether it's brunette or blonde. For 2012 hottest hair hues are here.METALLIC BLONDE:

For this season Metallic blonde hue is the hottest color, but never goes to switching from brunette to blonde- it not every one's look. If you are already blonde, then go to little lighter season.

You must know that brunettes are for the thick and chocolaty hues. Dark hues make your skin feminine and younger. With the brunette shades, your hairs will take a lot shine than blonde hues.

For IT season Red is the great thing about it is that works for almost all types of skin. As Rihanna's Strawberry red hue is the most coveted. You can opt for something not much daring.

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