Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fashionable Eye Lens New Trend for Youngsters

The lens we use now days is an optical device and it is the approximate or perfect symmetry which refracts and transmit light, delivering or covering the beam. To wear the colored contact
lens has become a popular fashion among new and upcoming fashionable youngsters in Laos. Mostly people from schools and colleges buying them. as they believe that it will give them more beautiful eyes. This new trend however has become serious matter now. If the colored lenses are not kept clean it can cause different eye infections.

Therefore doctors are urging the youngsters that they should think before following new trend of fashion. Because lens is different to keep clean, especially when people use to wear in dusty conditions. Eyes infection Treatment is more expensive and creates discomfort.
Lenses-style fashionable-eye-lenses Eye-Lenses

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